Antique Stained Glass Windows

Below is just a handful of the selection of some of the antique stained glass windows that we have available in our large selection, enabling you to get a feel and idea of what appeals to you individually. We specialise in all different types and styles of reclaimed stained glass, ranging from the early Victorian era to the late Edwardian, and also ranges of Art Noveau and art deco stained glass windows also available. The beauty of stained glass windows is that they can individually transform a room with their uniqueness and character. The whole purpose of an antique stained glass window is to make buildings a thing of beauty and control the light within that building to create its own atmosphere. Antique and vintage stained glass windows use a variation of different styles and colours of glass, while emphasising the hand crafted construction of these windows. We have many different styles of stained glass windows, stained glass doors and other features, so get browsing or call us for a personal showing at out showroom in Accrington Lancashire. The home of antiques.

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