Antique Sideboards

Antique sideboards of all shapes, sizes and styles can be found in this category, from Victorian Mahogany sideboards filled with detail and containing rows of drawers, to early oak vintage sideboards for holding plates and cutlery. It all depends on your preference and this is why we have such a wide selection. We have an abundance of antique sideboards available for purchase made from a variety of wooden materials from many different periods and era’s and they really do add a touch of character to any room in any home. We have Mahogany sideboard dressers for the bedroom, painted pine kitchen sideboards and even a number of Art Deco sideboard cabinets. We have a number of sideboards available in our gallery below but if you are looking for a specific kind of sideboard from a certain period then let us know. We have many in stock that may not have been uploaded to the website and if not we are extremely good at getting our hands on pretty much anything when it comes to antique sideboards and vintage sideboard dressers in Mahigany, Oak, Pine or Beech.

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