Antique Pictures

Antique pictures and pieces of vintage art, can certainly be an eye catching feature in any home, bringing rooms alive. We have a large selection of antique paintings and prints that will suit many acquired tastes and may just take your fancy. From Victorian antique oil paintings in either water colour or on canvas, whatever you are looking for to enhance your home you can be assured that the team at Pendle Antiques will be able to get their hands on it. We have an array of antique pictures, silhouettes and other like wise decorative objects that are framed to hang on the wall as a focal point in any home. To just give you a spot of history when it comes to vintage and antique pictures, the very first copyright laws regarding engravings and lithographs were passed in 1790. Sandpaper pictures are black and white charcoal drawings that have been created on a specially piece of sanded paper. We also have many other types of antique pictures that are listed below in our gallery.

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