Antique French furniture

Pendle Antiques have been purchasing and selling antique french furniture for many years it now, it is always very popular with our large clientele due to how elegantly all French furniture has masterfully been carved. We actively go to many regions in France to source and find beautiful French antique furniture pieces, with some of it dating back to hundreds of years previous. We store many fine vintage pieces of French furniture from French beds, vintage French wardrobes, French retro furniture and much more. Al of the antique French furniture that we tend to source maintain that French flair in terms of design and due to its quality craftsmanship can be restored to a very high standard transforming them into contemporary style French furniture. We are always looking to purchase unique pieces of French furniture that will just add character to your home and give you a different look and feel in comparison to every day pieces of antique furniture. We also have available a complete range of both vintage French furniture and French decorative objects in wide range of styles from many periods.

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