Antique Desks

We have a spectacular selection of antique desks, rustic desks and desks from all periods, including the Victorian, Edwardian, French Restoration and Chippendale to name a few. We have a wide range of different styles and types of antique desks, from large oak top desks to small dainty mahogany writing tables. We also find that pedestal antique desks are quite popular and come in a variety of sizes. When it comes to vintage desks we know that there are many specific types of desks that people may be looking for as either a feature in their home or as a collectible, So if there is a certain type of vintage desk that you require, for example, library desks, antique writing desks, vintage mahogany ladies desks or reclaimed desks, then contact the team and we can see what we have in our massive warehouse or we can keep an eye out when we are looking to buy new stock.

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