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    Pendle Antiques in Lancashire boast a wide variety of Antiques, from antique pictures to vintage antique tables…!!


    We are UK Antique furniture dealers, providing a large range of antique wardrobes, vintage clocks, reclaimed sideboards, antique tables and much more.

    When you arrive at Pendle Antiques at the showroom or even the website, we hope that you will discover an intriguing and interesting collection of fine antique furniture that is simply unrivalled throughout the Lancashire area. We have a fine collection of antique tables that date from the 17th century to the early 20th century, all of which are chosen by us to showcase due to their excellent condition, unique design and top notch craftsmanship.

    We are highly experienced antique dealers that are based in Accrington of Lancashire and we specialise in antiques of all tastes, styles, design and size. No matter what kind of antique furniture you are looking for and from whatever era, you can be assured that we will stock pieces that will suit your acquired taste.

    We are able to boast a wide selection of antique pictures and paintings aswell as a fine selection of vintage art. Whether you are looking for antique tables from the Georgian or Victorian era or antique pictures from the Edwardian period, Pendle Antiques can point you in the right direction. We also have a selection of antique wardrobes, vintage sideboards and reclaimed bars available to view in our showroom.

    Also be aware that what we have on the website isn’t necessarily all that we have in stock, we have that much in storage and we are constantly getting in new items aswell, so if there are any certain items that you have been specifically searching for, just ask one of our highly experienced antique dealers.

    We have been established in the UK and Lancashire antiques industry for over twenty years now, so we have built up a wealth of knowledge an extensive client list to whom we can offer our expert advice and experience when selecting their antiques, whether it be antique tables or antique pictures.



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