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    We have an abundance of high quality Antique Bookcases in our showroom…!!


    Here at Pendle Antiques we have a very large selection of bookshelves and antique bookcases from all different periods, so if you are looking for antique furniture online, check out online catalogue for some perfect pieces for your home. Vintage and antique bookcases were of course designed for the storage of books and come in a variety of different of styles and shapes and of course periods; from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and the Regency era.

    Antique bookcases came to light in the 18th and 19th centuries when they provided the current day furniture designers with suitable subjects for creative and unique architectural themes. In these periods there were many breakfront library bookcases that were designed and sculptured with ornate cornices and pediments, which were further enhanced by many different types of decorative carving.

    When we go this far back and look at the history of these bookshelves and bookcases in these early periods, they were mainly viewed from the Rocco period through to the Victorian period as blatant statements of not only a good education, but also as statements of style, culture and wealth.

    When we have a look at the Georgian period, from around 1714 to 1760 onwards, these antique bookcases tended to be quite a lot simpler in style in comparison, however still very beautiful pieces of antiques in their own right.

    So if you are looking for antique furniture of the highest order from all different periods, and specifically bookcase and bookshelves, you will find Pendle Antiques have them in stock in abundance. Not only these pieces, but similar antiques such as antique sideboards and also antique display cabinets.

    Antique Bookcases

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